Herb Box Eco System

My last project combined wooden handcraft with electrical engineering and software development. To manage the irrigation of my herbs, i created a box to mount supermaket plants and put some pumps controlled by a microcontroller…


Some time ago, i have already tried myself in creating a small puzzle game called "Pentamino". You have 12 figures out of 5 blocks each and need to put them together into a board. The…

Plate Rack

I have never had a hanging locker in my kitchen. I used to store my plates in a simple locker below my worktop with a door. To safe more space for food and also organize…

Wine Plate

The Wine Plate is a project for a friend of mine. For his birthday i have created a nice wine glass and bottle holder he can put on his table. It is my first project…

Fruit Bowl

This is a design that i found on pinterest and gained my attention. I decided to redo the bowl and put it on my kitchen table as eye catcher. The result on my table: It's…

Wine Shelv

When ever i remember, i get wine bottles as presents from visitors. Because i'm not so much of a wine drinker and my kitchen storage is small, one of the first furniture-projects to realize was…

Bird House

My very first project was a bird house or aviary for birds. Feeding birds on the balcony and not making a square house were the only two requirements. I bought a jig saw and saw…

Marshmello LED Hat

My latest project had nothing to do with wood work. You can find more information on the following link: https://www.hackster.io/walwode/marshmello-led-hat-4c346d [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://www.waltswooddesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/VID_20180628_102806.mp4"][/video]

Tealight Dice

Aside another project, I created a nice playful accessory. A wooden dice mount tealights. Simple spruce timber with walnut wood stain.  

Tablet Stand

Good kitchen tool. A tablet stand, that can also be used for book. The joints are made out of wooden dowel.

Desktop Manager

I have recently upgraded my work desktop for 2 monitors. To store my devices and office supplices, i created a wooden desktop manager, based on some ideas from pinterest.

Sawing Out

I tried to saw images out, with my jigsaw and a fretsaw. I like the result, so there will be more "out-sawing" in the future.